Network Infrastructure


Network Infrastructure represents another slice of the full 360 degree suite of services that IT 360 offers.

The following are some examples of the Network Infrastructure services we perform for our valued clients:

  • Hardware needs assessment and procurement
  • Hardware standardization and lifecycle management
  • Hardware and firmware installation, configuration, upgrades and patch updates
  • Racking of hardware including routed cabling management
  • Centralized hardware and firmware management
  • Network infrastructure design incorporating business continuity principles to negate potential downtime
  • Routing configuration and management
  • Segregated networks for different types of traffic (VLAN) such as server data, client data, voice and video, storage, etc.; to ensure performance and security
  • DHCP forwarding configuration
  • Quality of Service (QoS) configuration and management for voice networks
  • Troubleshooting network issues such as hardware failures, routing issues, loss of connectivity, etc.

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